www.peace-games.com www.ulster-arms.com www.pin-magazine.uk and www.christian-banter.com  I am offering these sites for free to a person, group or business from N. Ireland who has a chance of making them happen. Please take a look to see if you could run any of them, or know someone who might be interested. I am planning a move to the free state in the next few months and these sites are concepts for N. Ireland that I want to leave behind as I think they belong here. If interested email eddy@hex7art.com

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Welcome to Ulster Arms Ltd.

Inventions and ideas by Eddy Crowley

My intentions for this company is to give Stormont government a 95% majority share hold when the time is right. Personally I think it shows maturity of state and could lead to vibrant debates in Stormont as with who to supply the units produced to, a good scrap between socialists and capitalists.

The weapons featured on this site already exist, the design brief is for defence units to save U.N. and NATO troops lives in the war zones deployed. A rule of thumb guess is for every soldier saved they save 10 civilians.

This is the concept development page of the site, establishing the brief for construction of various units, the main one's being the Centurion and Pill box defence units. Said defence units evolved from my 'Hex Desks' concept, explained in part below, or for the full story go to www.hexdesks.com .

If you are from Northern Ireland feel free to use the concepts on this site and make prototypes. The ideas on this site are open source, with no copyright issues, to potential partners / directors who agree to manufacturing in Northern Ireland. I ask that you keep me and this site updated via eddy@hex7art.com . I hope that the diversity that evolves with several groups prototyping, competing with designs that a finalised unit will evolve. The ultimate goal is a standardised base unit format featuring the best aspects of all prototypes in to one finalised design, being a standardised Hex Desk base unit with interchangeable assembly modifications to be offered in the finalised product range.

Maybe 12 assembly teams will take up the challenge and each will end up with their own specialised factories in Industrial estates all over Northern Ireland, all trading under the banner of ' Ulster Arms '.

The market segment for the two main designs 'Centurion' and 'Pill box' defence units is, for example, situations with under developed countries like in Africa where the top gun is the AK-47, not much in the line of rockets and poor infrastructure for motorised vehicles. The Pill box is essentially an assault rifle proof armored Hex Desk with a turret and machine gun ports. Materials utilized include titanium, composite armor and bullet proof mirror glass. Simplicity and ruggedness are key, the unit could fill this type of gap in the market well. The unit is also suitable for both automation and manned versions primarily for defending locations, but also for building to building clearance with the Pill box mini..

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eddy crowley

Mission statement (first draft).


Ulster Arms ltd. Head Quarters and short, medium, long term goals.


Below: Concept development of Centurion and Pill box units.

Developed from the Hex desks concept and evolved for use as defence units for use at check points, boarder crossings etc. to be built in Ulster for the defence industry, especially the global export market, to exploit gaps in the market for both state and business security options.



Blue prints : Pil box defence unit; Prototype design.


Above; either mirror clad for the basic one, or TV flat screens showing camera image shot from the other side

giving the Pill box near invisibility cloaking.





Hex desk base unit on which defence units are based :

New blue prints; manufacture of component parts and assembly plan of Hex Desks base unit, on

which the Pill box is based. Tubular self assemble kit form. Prototype design.

Below : Plate sheet steel factory build prototype design.

Stronger than tubular butterfly screw assembly above but not able to disassemble and less easy to transport by vehicle.

This design of Hex desk is stack able for both storage and transporting in large numbers.



First draft of Centurion Defence Unit.


The next set of pages show the evolution of Hex desks to the Ulster Arms ltd. defence units

The Centurion and The Pill Box.

The ideal is to help get Ulster back on it's feet with an industrial evolution of product for the export market.

Lesser evil and better good is the moto.

Kit form or built to order defence units by Ulster Arms ltd.

Film story board featuring UA defence units


Fire fighting unit called ' The Fire Mum ' , she looks out for you.



Blade runners:

blade runners


The roboroo:





Below is 'Freight box shuttle' an idea for Shorts of N.I.

ulster freight box shuttle

freight box shuttle

ulster freight box shuttle

ulster freight box shuttle


Below is Ulster Arms 'Sun Harvester'.





The Night Hawk.




Below, got the idea from watching 'Terminator Salvation' with the drone chasing the jeep.



Below, I think I got the idea from watching 'The 5th Element', Gary Oldman showing the aliens an assault rifle where all the bullets flew to the original target.. I thought mmmbh wabo 'The Mosquito' ouch !

Or was it that Angelina Jolie film 'Wanted' of shooting a bullet round in a circle and stuff.




Smoke and mirrors


shield old new



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Thank you for visiting the site, I hope you enjoyed the content, any comments welcome.



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